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Individual (One on One) Leadership Coaching
3-6 month coaching program for leaders at all levels

Using the Hudson Institute’s Leadership Coaching Model, we have a focused approach to help you assess your leadership strengths, identify barriers to your growth, and navigate your future options in a clear and focused way to get to the career fulfillment you are looking for. You’ll work with us to design a unique 3 to 6-month coaching program that results in setting and achieving goals you previously thought were out of reach.

Leadership 360 takes a proven approach to leadership development.


When you work with us, you will:

Functionality You Will Love


Increase your leadership confidence


Overcome obstacles to your development


Discover greater work/life integration


Onboard successfully into a new leadership role


Navigate a major career change with support and guidance

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Let's Tackle this Mountain Together!

We coach leaders who are excited to make a change, ready to take on a challenge, and willing to take some risks. There is no change without risk. The more fulfilling life and career you’re seeking is closer than you think—and you don’t need to wait any longer for it to be yours.


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